Stevenson to College (S2C)


Each year, as many as 50 Stevenson graduates do not go on to college. Not because they don't want to, but because they don't believe they can.  

"While many of our students look forward to campus visits and a big decision on where they’ll write the next chapter of their lives after graduation, others unfortunately can’t see beyond the seemingly immovable barrier standing between high school and a bright future. Sure, they dream of going to college too, but they and their parents feel isolated from the process and often have no idea where to start." (Read Eric Scott's full article).


 "In addition to support from the S2C Program Manager and Stevenson faculty and staff, a network of dedicated S2C mentors works directly with students and their families to provide advice and strategic guidance every step of the way – starting in high school and continuing through college graduation." (Read Eric Scott's full article).

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